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Club Rules

Wigan Canoeing Group - Information for paddlers at Scotmans Flash 

You will need swimming trunks/costume, a towel and an old pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

You will be provided with (if you don’t have any of your own equipment) a wetsuit, cagoule and a buoyancy aid.

You will be able to use a club boat and a paddle. You will be allocated into a group with an instructor, and it is important you stay with your group for your own safety.


On the water you are required to follow all instructions given by the instructor.


As a beginner, your instructor will teach you the techniques and skills to enable you to paddle safely, as well as having fun with games to build your confidence.


As you gain more experience you can work towards gaining your Personal Performance Award (formerly Star Awards).  

At the end of the session you must return your boat and paddle to the container.  You should also return all borrowed kit to the container. 

Club Rules

We want all our members to enjoy paddling and to learn and have fun on the flash. We do have some rules that we expect you to follow:

You must listen and follow all instructions from the instructors and club support volunteers, on and off the water.

We expect you all to behave appropriately – no bad language and no bad behaviour towards club instructors, support volunteers or each other.  

Please look after club kit and equipment. Any kit you use must be returned to the container at the end of the session. Boats and paddles must be returned to the container. 

No messing about in the changing rooms. Other groups may be using the changing rooms at the same time as our group.  Please respect your own and other peoples belongings. 

No-one is allowed on the jetty. -   No-one is allowed on the water until instructed to do so by an instructor. 

Please do not enter the club room in wet kit.

If you have any questions please send us a message on Contact Us Page or just come down and speak to an instructor or our club support volunteers who will be happy to help you.

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